Alternative Airlines...

  • is Expert at booking niche destinations
  • has 30 Years experience
  • proprietary technology offers the widest of choices of routings
  • creates unique relationships with airlines

Alternative Airlines offers easy on-line booking, backed by a team of experts, ready to help with your more specialist flight requirements. We have unique relationships with the world's lesser-known airlines, in depth knowledge of flights to second tier destinations and unrivalled access to flight combinations not easily available elsewhere on the web.

Our prices are always competitive, but we are at our best when you're travelling to destinations beyond mainstream cities or seeking to fly on airlines that are most important in their own country or region. Alternative Airlines has 30 years of experience to help you plan, book and fly on the days, times, airlines and fares that you choose.

We are the experts and your booking is in safe hands with Alternative Airlines.

Whether you're travelling for business or leisure and need to go the extra mile, choose Alternative Airlines and we will too.