Flight Directors | Airline General Sales Agent
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Flight Directors is one of Europe’s leading specialists in airline sales, marketing and distribution. Incorporated in the United Kingdom and privately owned, the company has been serving airlines and travel companies, worldwide, since 1984.

Flight Directors experts are dedicated to helping airlines generate additional revenue, enter new markets, and improve profitability. One of the many ways this is achieved is through in-depth airline industry experience, unequaled local market knowledge, and state-of-the-art technologies.


Our services range from full commercial representation to specialist outsourced marketing and distribution services. All are tailored to support and enhance an airline’s established business strategy.

Performance-based contract terms help customers to convert fixed cost to variable cost, and to improve profitability in specific geographic regions and market segments.

Using advanced telecommunications and IT infrastructure, connected to each airline’s reservations system, specialized call center agents respond to callers using the airline’s name and branding. Their objective is always to provide a seamless and positive experience for the airline’s customers.

We increase client airline revenues by professionally handling reservations calls, after-sales service and technical enquiries by telephone or email. As a flexible outsourced service, Flight Directors team allows its airline clients to reduce costs, extend opening hours and expand call handling capacity.

These resources underpin airline strategies to succeed in the lucrative, but competitive, UK travel market, by raising market presence, revenues and profit.

The Sales & Marketing team develops and implements sales & marketing strategies, distributing fares, designing adverts, visiting agents and providing public relations to achieve agreed objectives 

Multilingual Customer Service Staff respond to calls using the airline’s name and brand style, through dedicated telephone lines.

Flight Directors unique internet capabilities are proven effective in tailoring airlines’ online presence to meet UK customer expectations, while maximizing the carrier’s visibility in the online search space. Options include a dedicated local-market website, featuring online booking, localized content, local forms of payment, and integrated search marketing programs.

Reliable Ticketing, Fulfilment and Accounts staff carry out financial administration and paperwork on behalf of the airline.

Flight Directors has a unique and well-proven capability to sell seats online for its airline clients and partners.

With proven experience selling seats via dedicated local websites, Flight Directors complements its clients’ existing online activities with a tailored web presence, highly optimised for the UK market. In partnership with some of the industry’s leading technology companies, this can include online booking and secure payment processing for almost any airline.

Inventory can be accessed either via GDS or directly from leading “low cost” airline reservation systems. Fulfillment and after-sales service are then handled either by Flight Directors or in-house by the airline, as required.

Trusted by the world's airlines. Let us work for you.