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Sticking with your dream
29th July 2020 via LinkedIn

I still remember that my first flight was travelling from Hong Kong to Bangkok with Cathay Pacific's Boeing 747. I was only six years old and was extremely excited about the trip. My father, who worked for the airport police, told me that we would fly with the "goose head" aircraft.

Flying the future together
21st July 2020 via LinkedIn

Some years ago, I remember climbing up from the tarmac of Frankfurt Airport into the small three-engined, Yak-42 of Donbassaero Airlines, thinking that this trip to Donetsk could go horribly wrong.

Needing to fly
13th July 2020 via LinkedIn

My first job in the airline business was as a crewing assistant, the lowest of the low in a very busy, powerful and professional operations department.

IFR and cockpit talk
6th July 2020 via LinkedIn

In the early 1970’s, when I was struggling and eventually failing to become a Commercial Airline Pilot, two topics were constantly discussed alongside the usual training subjects and both have stayed with me throughout my career.

Head winds provide lift
29th June 2020 via LinkedIn

As I see the stream of linked-in posts from super-qualified, energetic and ambitious, but out-of-work industry colleagues, turn into a torrent, I am torn between relief...

Doors to manual, prepare to land
15th June 2020 via LinkedIn

I'm father and a husband, as well as a long-term owner/manager and would be academic, my identity is naturally fluid depending on how others see me at the time, but I have strong core values that remain independent of the situation.

Touch and go – Post Covid planning.
10th June 2020 via LinkedIn

I was a terrible pilot. At just 18 years of age, having won a full sponsorship from British Airways, it was a heart-breaking experience to fail to achieve my dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.