Cost-effective outsourced contact centre solutions

Airlines can cut their establishment costs in the UK market by using Flight Directors.

We are committed to offering a cost-effective outsourced contact centre solution to all airlines in the UK, who wish to transfer fixed to variable costs.

We call it CaRes (Complementary Airline Reservations) where the name expresses exactly what we stand for and the service we offer makes the job of a local General Manager and/or their sales team easier every day.

In addition to seven days a week call answering, Flight Directors offer a local presence for webchat, email responses and social media enquiries, all in the name of the airline, adhering strictly to the policies of the airline and adopting the unique character of the airline to help your passengers. Particularly In this time of uncertainty, consistency and professionalism at all points of customer contact is essential. Using state of the art contact centre technology and experienced agents, the airline gets full transparency of reporting and its passengers get access to live agents through whatever communication they choose, all at a low price, possible through our out of London location and focus on employing great people in a flexible way.

2021 will be a defining year for airlines looking for passenger growth from the UK, Flight Directors can help at a variable cost, free of fixed overheadsand wages, that will only grow as your revenue grows. Contact us for details of our outsourced CaRes service and be surprised at how we can change your economics in our competitive marketplace.

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See how much you could save with CaRes

Please estimate your monthly call/email volume. We will then estimate how much you can save by using our CaRes service.

Why are so many airlines switching to Flight Directors?

Flexible working hours

Our agents are available seven days a week with a schedule that suits your call centre requirements.

State of the art technology

We use state-of-the-art call-centre technology, meaning our agents can assist your customers quickly and efficiently.

GDS qualified agents

Our agents are trained in GDS including Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, SITA, VIDECOM, Hitit, AeroCRS, Worldticket, mercator, TravelSky, avantik and AIRKIOSK.

Consistent and professional service

Particularly In this time of uncertainty, consistency and professionalism at all points of customer contact is essential.

Embracing your airline

Our agents will assist your customers on behalf of your online, offering a professional and helpful service.

Local presence

We use local telephone numbers and online support systems, to offer a localised support presence for your passengers.

You could save
£1,450.00 / month
£17,400.00 Annual saving
Monthly cost saving you would get from our CaRes offer based on your call/email volume*
* This is an estimate of your monthly costs and savings based on the call/email volume you've selected. Total savings based on UK staff in 2020.

Some of the GDS systems we use