Achieve higher sales growth at a lower cost

Airlines can achieve higher sales growth at a lower cost by using Flight Directors as their GSA in the UK market.

We are committed to delivering the best Airline Sales Representative Service in the UK market. We call it: GSA+, where the plus stands for everything extra we do to ensure that our airlines not only grow their tickets sales from the UK but also by doing everything else that we can to maximise the huge opportunity that our market offers for them.

We love the airlines who use our services and the people we work with in those airlines. We develop long term relationships and strong personal bonds, not just with the airline but also with the country and region they serve.

We understand the pressures and keep our costs low whilst maintaining high levels of service plus we care about the airline’s passengers, often going out of our way to solve problems, chase opportunities and strengthen relationships for the airline.

Now, we are embarking on a new chapter where we are adding to our existing experienced team, more dynamic capability with extra analytical power from a team of bright post-graduates, bringing a fresh thinking and a new focus on technology.

2021 will be a defining year for airlines looking for passenger growth from the UK, Flight Directors can help at a variable cost, free of fixed overheads and wages, that will only grow as your revenue grows. Contact us for details of our GSA+ services and be surprised at how we can change your economics in our competitive marketplace.

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